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Platinum The Raging Plug in Purple

Platinum The Raging Plug in Purple

$ 39.95

intriguing anal plug in the shape of a deliciously thick and realistically detailed cock, the Raging Plug from Doc Johnson's Platinum collection boasts an intensely textured 4 inch shaft with a pronounced head and a wide, supportive base. Featuring bulging veins and an eager, gently curved head, this plug suits more seasoned players and challenge seekers considering its heavy ribbing and ample girth, offering deep and full coverage penetration. The Raging Plug, with its firm yet yielding pliability, can absolutely be positioned for orgasmic prostate stimulation, gliding ergonomically along the anal canal for utmost comfortability. You'll notice its silky smooth material warming to body-contact as you play, a much-loved, stand out quality of high-grade silicone. 


Silicone is completely hypoallergenic, free of phthalates and irritants that may bother sensitive skin, and is most definitely the safest way to go in terms of hygiene. You can completely sterilize this toy while maintaining its quality - silicone is known to be impressively durable and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. You can also opt to go with a toy cleaner and a wash cloth, or a wash with warm soapy water (free of alcohol and fragrance) before and after each use. You'll want to avoid storing the Raging next to other silicone toys to avoid damaging its surface, and be sure to stick to water-based lube only for the same reason. Waterproof.