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$ 22.99

You will find a silver shine of pleasure glowing when you enjoy with these multi-speed vibrating bullets. The Pocket Exotics Vibrating Double Silver Bullets are made from ABS Plastic with Silver plating, making them safe, sensual and stimulating all in one shiny Silver package. If you crave vibrating bullets that offer smooth, sexy pleasure, then you have struck a vein of pure silver. These sensual Bullet Vibrators have everything you need to get what you want: the ultimate in sensual pleasure. The super satisfying stimulating Dual Silver Bullets offer shimmering multi-speed satisfaction in a smooth and sensual shape. Durable and thrilling, the pleasure is powerful with our high quality, Double Silver Bullet Vibrators. You will find the peak of pleasure and new levels of satisfaction, whether you enjoy these glittery Silver Bullets on your own or with a partner. Let these bullets aim for the heart of desire, and enjoy a truly exciting sensual adventure that really shines. For a bedroom experience that is utterly satiating these vibrating bullets just will not miss. Our stimulating dual silver bullets aim for pure pleasure and satiation. Double Sliver Bullet Vibrators are a versatile, compact, powerful and pocket sized! Multiple speed bullet vibrator. Safe and pure for body and pleasure.